Goodbye 2011 Food Memories

It's time to say goodbye to 2011 and make place for new experiences and new people in the coming year.I feel blessed at having met so many like -minded souls through food blogging.

Some introduced me to new ways of cooking,some to new ingredients and some a new perspective on life.

As always,there were a host of festivals but only one food exhibition...the Upper Crust Food show.Spotted milk from cows fed in pastures and tasted it....wholesome!

Saw Canola oil (rapeseed oil) used widely in the U.S,U.K and other countries because of its low omega 6 to omega 3 ratio which decreases the risk of inflammation in tissues.

There were parathas made of wholewheat devoid of the harmful transfat (margarine or vanaspati)

It's a treat to attend Farzana Contractor's show year after year.

On the last day of the year,we had lunch at recently opened Smoke House Deli at the Phoenix Mills.The ambience in white bowled us over...the place has a positive buzz and in no time was full.This year has seem so many new restaurants and the good thing is that there is now more choice for healthy salads and soups.

We had two delightful tomato with prawn and the other Seafood Rissoto with Spinach and Yellow Bell Pepper

Ended with my favorite dessert Creme Brulee...

For dinner,inspite of having invitations to party,spent the time at home.Made Hakka Noodles...stirfried in the Oyster and Spring Onion sauce that Rushina Of The Perfect Bite gifted all of us.She also gave me Toasted Sesame Oil which I hadn't been able to get....boy was I happy to see it in the gift bag! Also tossed in some water chestnuts and bamboo shots.The technique of making perfect noodles is an art learnt from my friend Finely Chopped,a blogger who has written several interesting posts in the past year and is on the way to becoming a TV star :) ...what with having recorded a show on Mumbai Street Food for the Travel Channel...scheduled to be on air soon in USA.

This year saw the launch of the BBC Good Food Magazine,bright,colourful and exciting...with Indian and Continental food,some made by my blogger friends.The emphasis is on making great food at home!

If this has been 2011,I can't wait to see what 2012 has to offer


The knife said…
thanks for your kind words and hopefully you can see something that I can't :) here's wishing you a great 2012
Sassy Fork said…
Wish you the same and I am sure it will be rocking for you
Anonymous said…
Its good to see brands such as Pride of Cows and Saattvic coming up with health options right at our doorstep..I tried the milk, it was fresh and so natural..Hoping it comes to Western Suburbs soon..
roses said…
ahmedabadonnet said…
Good presentation...

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