Divine Nutrition

How delicious this pizza looks! How much better to hear that it is also nutritious! This is one of the products made available by Wellness and Homeostasis whose mission is health promotion.
The reason for calling it nutritious is that it is made with whole wheat flour,vegetables rich in vitamins such as tomatoes and red peppers,natural herbs such as basil and low fat paneer.
The Pesto Pizza is made with mung bean providing a good source of protein

Recipes have been developed by Sveta Sanghani and Alexis Deavenport providing a low omega 6 to omega 3 ratio(to decrease the chances of inflammation in various tissues),zero trans fats and saturated fat less than 1gm/serving.Nutritivo Divino makes products on order

This kind of food will entice the youth who are at great risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases in the future,thanks to the junk food that's easily available.They need to be told what they can eat rather than what they can't.Taste and presentation are important to them.Rishabh here who loves burgers and fries,loved the natural cheese dips made of chick peas and low fat paneer which he had with bran bread.He also loved the whole wheat pasta his mom made with the pesto dip

Breads such as Bran and Nut Bread and Whole Wheat and Bran Bread are made of coarsely ground whole wheat flour,bran and canola oil (which has a favorable omega 6 to omega 3 ratio).The cooking medium used to make a food item makes a big difference to its nutritive value.
Using margarine would make it unhealthy

The Strawberry White Chocolate is made with Strawberry Dust, pure Vanilla Pods and Ojasvita which acts as an immune booster

They also make nut butters such as Almond Butter to have with rotis or crackers as a snack.

Food choices that are appealing and healthy.....


I am so impressed! It's the kind of food I want to shift completely to for Avanee. (Once I get over my gluttony) Where are their products available?

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