Food during Ganpati Festival :Rishi Panchami Bhaaji

On the day after Ganesh Chaturthi,women do the Rishi Panchami Puja for the Seven Sages and a special bhaaji called Rishi Panchami Bhaaji is made.This made of bitters and meant to cleanse the body ,while the Puja done to show respect to the ancient sages, cleanses the soul.

The sages ate very simple food and that is the basis of this bhaaji.On that day food is to be eaten once in the day as did the sages.They used to eat leafy vegetables cooked in a simple broth.Here we add Ambat Chuka,Maat,Chauli (leafy greens),radish,corn,drumstick,red pumpkin and bitter gourd to coconut milk and tamarind and simmer it.That is Rishi Panchami Bhaaji for you.
Sudha Aunty tells me the vegetables are grown and plucked by hand just like the sages did.


Mama's World said…
Nice! the look is so Indian!!

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