Kutchi Food

My neighbours are from Kutch.Wonderful people...the Kenias.Surprise us now and again with delicious food made at home.Today Jayendra aunty sent a typical Kutchi meal.Kutch lies in Gujarat,which I am sure you know having heard about the Rann of Kutch from where flamingoes migrate to Mumbai and Bhuj,the main city which had a devastating earthquake in the early 90s but has since been built again.Kutchi has its own dialect and food.My first experience with Kutchi food was when my friend Priya Kapadia's mother gave me steamed muthiyas.
Kutchi food is vegetarian.The first dabba had mugri which is from the radish family but looked like chopped french beans,lightly tossed in spices.This was served with large stuffed chillies,which don't have much heat in this season.

The Kutchis have rotlas which are high in fibre as they are made with bajra

or nachni (millet)

Some even have rice flour bhakris and this reminded me of the ones I had seen in the Konkan.Gujaratis have whole wheat chappatis mostly.

Every meal has curds or yoghurt.This is always so perfect in Gujarati and Kutchi homes that I was tempted to ask Jayendra aunty what their secret is.They set the curds when the milk is lukewarm and the culture is carried on down the family with the resultant curds not being sour.

Jaggery is an accompaniment to bhakris,which besides being sweet,is also a source of iron.

The vegetable curry was made of brinjals and potatoes and was savoury and flavorsome.

The dessert was laddoos made of dates(khajoor),nachni and almonds.
Now do you blame me for saying "Love Thy Neighbour"? :)


The knife said…
reminds me of Farida Aunty our neighbour in our previous house who would ofen give us biryani and kheer during eid. she even made biryani for me the day we left as I was fond of it. And alubhai who would occasionally give us fresh mutton after kurbani. and we got sweets after Christmas when we moved into our current place. That's Mumbai for you
Nikhil Merchant said…
Yayy ! a Kutchi post - so NICE: Im a Kutchi Bhatia - I should call you over for some nice Kutchi flavors...
Sassy Fork said…
True Knife...that's Mumbai for you!
Nikhil...had no idea you were Kutchi but you aren't vegetarian,are u? :)

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