Rolls For The Rains

It's that time again...monsoons and you yearn for hot snacks.Rolls are available as Frankies or Kathi Kebab Rolls.Frankies were started by Amarjit Tibb after he was inspired by stuffed Pita Bread and he adapted it for Mumbai palates.These are different from Kathi Rolls as they are moist as they are filled with gravied chicken or meat and have vinegar,chaat masala and are wrapped with sliced onions.Kathi Rolls started by Nizam's in Kolkata are drier as they have barbecued meat that is wrapped with onions and mint chutney in rolls.The Knife loves his Kolkata rolls and has his own recipe.

Not wanting to have street food in the rains,we decided to make rolls at home after talking to my cousin Archana who suggested using leftover khana for a quick fix.She had just made some using minced chicken kheema which was extra.
We had some chicken from the curry made yesterday so my mom shredded it.She then sauteed some onions and added the chicken and some salt.Then as per Archana,she took a chappati (wheat) and tossed it on either side with a bit of oil and then covered one side with beaten egg and turned it over and cooked it for 2 minutes.
Once it was done she put the chicken in the centre on the egged side,added chopped onions,chopped green chillies and chaat masala.That's it! Roll ready in a jiffy without much effort.


The knife said…
Using left overs rotis for rolls is a very Bong thing. The other day I made egg rolls and stuffed with left over alu dam and fried onions

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