Just Bagels

Bagels originated in Europe and were brought to America by the Jewish people.They are so popular that there are now chain outlets for them such as Bruegger's.
Bagels resemble doughnuts and are breads that have a hole in the center.They are boiled and then baked,a process that makes them crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.
The first one I had was in London several years ago by Rashmi aunty who made mine with salmon,cream cheese and capers.That's why I tried that here too. and it was good ...it's the last picture.
The other flavors of bagels were Sundried Tomato (2nd Bagel picture),Jalapeno and Cheddar Cheese,Cranberry(3rd bagel picture) and Whole Wheat( 4th bagel picture)
The second last picture is the bagel sandwich made at home by my sis-in-law Dee with green chutney,tomato and onion.....Indian style.
Plain Bagels (picture with 3 bagels) go well with just cream cheese too.
Bruegger's makes their's New York style,i.e with malt and salt whereas the Montreal style is sweet and has malt and sugar instead.


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