Bravo Avo: Food for the Gods

This was my second experience with Greek food,my first being gyros at a conference.For me,a good restaurant must serve great food AND make me feel comfortable.Bravo Avo did just that.....felt like the owners were welcoming me into their home for a hearty meal.It was a great recommendation and invitation by our friend Viral who has visited the best nonvegetarian places though he is vegetarian.

We started with hummus and a yoghurt dip.The pita bread was light and fluffy whereas ones I had had earlier elsewhere had been chewy or dry.It was hard to stop at just one! For my entree,I ordered the Braised Lamb Shoulder which had secret spices and had been cooked for 7 long hours with red wine.The result was that the meat just melted in my mouth...divine!

Tried the Chicken Kebobs as well and they were succulent.The vegetables were drizzled with olive oil and grilled and I quickly finished them.

Our friends loved the Lentil soup which reminded me of Dal back home.Saw Moussaka( Aubergines with minced meat),Shrimp A La Avo and Creme Brulee on the menu and hope to be back for it some day for them.

We ended with the Chocolate Baklava which was moist and sweet.Perfect ending to a perfect meal.The Baklava originated in the 8th century BC and was considered a food for the rich till the 19th century.Now it's available for all the world over!

This 30 year old restaurant was relocated to its current location.An old customer called out to the owner,the cherubic and friendly Mr Avo,as he was leaving after a meal in the new restaurant and said "Bravo Avo"....and that's how the current restaurant got its name.All I will say is "Encore Avo".....and hey you can start one more with that name! :)

Bravo Avo,7391 Warner Ave.,Suite G,Huntington Beach,CA 92647,USA
tel: 7148417585


Laura M said…
I love that name "Encore Avo"!!
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Laura,me too!

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