A Potluck for Multiple Celebrations

There were several reasons we meet in early August.It was a day before Shravan started and is called as Gattari Amavasya as people indulge in food and alcohol before embarking on the Shravan fast.The word Gattari as some fall into the gutter :D Fortunately none of us did as we aren't much of drinkers.This time our potluck was at Rushina's A Perfect Bite Cook Studio which was also celebrating 4 years.I remember visiting the studio when it started.Seems so long ago! Attended several exciting events after that! We were also celebrating Perzen Darukhanawala Patel's baby shower and Zinobia Schroff's birthday.The picture credit for the delightful picture above goes to Sarita Khisty.In the foreground is a typical Parsi sweet made for baby showers

Perzen is also known as Bawi Bride and Zinobia is well known for her pickles including Fish Roe Pickle.The most touching part was when Kurush,Zinobia and Perzen sang the Parsi anthem as Perzen cut the cakes that Bimba Nayak and Pia Dasgupta Barve had baked for the occasion.

Rushina has made a  flavorful Red Wine Sangria with Pause Wine (she used it in all her dishes)and a non alcoholic sangria for the teetotalers.Gitika made an Assamese farmer's fermented drink Rice Wine.Oh yes,we all had wine permits :D

There were outstanding starters.. mushroom canapés and chicken canapés made with wine and a grilled pumpkin starter,all made by Rushina's team.Bela made a delicious snack....Broccoli Quinoa Cheddar Tikkis

The birthday girl made her mouthwatering star dish....the Nutcracker Pattice filled with onion and nuts

Perzen had made a request for Chicken Salad by Kurush and Rhea's Katy's Kitchen and lo behold,it was there! Pretty and delicious with chicken and pineapple.I made a vegetarian Russian Salad.

Our in-house Koli,Anjali Koli made Kashmiri food,using ingredients sent by her Kashmiri friend Anita who blogs.She served Kolhrabi Pickle (bottled),Gucchi Olu (Mushroom with Potato) and Gucchi Flavored Pulao called Taher

The glamorous Ananya Bannerji made yummy Kolkata style Chicken Biryani and Veg Biryani

Smita Hegde Deo who is vegetarian since 8 yrs of age,made an outstanding Malvani Mutton Curry with Amboli which are fermented pancakes...she judges by the aroma of the curry.She has recently started a new show on Rajshri Foods called Masala Trails where she demonstrates various recipes like Bharli Vangi and Phirni

Pia Dasgupta Barve made  the comforting Chanar Dalna or a Bengali Gravy with Paneer Balls

Purabi Naha,the last entrant to our group (we have to restrict the number as we'll have a tough time finding a venue to accommodate all of us,much as we'd like to add more people)  made a superb Bengali Fish Curry using Rui or Carp

Anjali's Mushroom-Potato and Pulao.....

and to complete the Gattari celebration was the peppy Sangria Chicken with Foccacia made by Shekhar Ghildiyal (I love it when couples cook together)

There were lots of giggles that day and they weren't just because of the wine! The only agenda being to meet,greet and eat!


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