Monsoon Potluck Party at Ananya's

It was time for our second Home Chefs Potluck and Ananya graciously invited us over to her place.Her home is beautiful as the walls are adorned with her paintings.Yes,not only is she a home chef but also an accomplished artist.Woodwork with aluminum casting,oil on canvas paintings and sculptures are there for all to see.She's also had an art show in Paris!

Ananya has published a cookbook last year on International Cuisine.She holds pop-ups of regional (Bengali,Oriya) and International food (Ethiopian).Have had her Bengali food and it's been simply amazing,specially the Murghir Jhol (Chicken Curry)

It poured and how and while we waited for the others to arrive,we sipped on Jello shots and Sangria.Zinobia Schroff (see above) is the person who inspired this group to be set up.She makes Parsi cuisine using low amount of cooking oil.She is known for her Parsi pickles including the Gharab or Fish Roe one

The others in our gang are Bela Gupta of Herbivore (vegetarian gourmet meals),Soumitra who cooks Pathare Prabhu home meals through Authenticook,Subhasree who runs The Hungry Cat Kitchen and Perzen Darukhanawala Patel of Bawi Bride fame.

Bela made a spectacular Vietnamese Mango and Bean Sprouts Salad and Lasooni Palak for the potluck.I almost didn't try any non vegetarian stuff after that.Almost.

Soumitra made the Kolambi or Prawn Pie while Bimba Nayak made Bombil Cutlets for the monsoon.The Kolambi Pie had strong flavors that hit the right note.The green,spicy Bombil Cutlets too were refreshing in the rains

Smita Deo joined us.She is an astounding cook who makes Karwari and Kolhapuri cuisine and has just published her book" Karwar to Kolhapur to Mumbai"

With everyone on the same wavelength,it didn't take long for everyone to get comfortable,regardless of age

Kurush and Rhea kept us entertained with their breakfast stories.

Pia Dasgupta Barve (on the extreme right) makes awesome breads.Here she made a Jewish one called Challah.She narrated to us the story of how her husband wooed her with a fire extinguisher.

Ananya made the Vegetarian Nasi Lemak,a Malaysian sticky rice with relish which was bursting with flavors

Pia made the Jackfruit Curry which had a meaty texture

Pork with Kaffir Lime was Subhasree's sublime creation and Anjali Koli made a rich,dark,flavorful prawn curry

and Shevale Sambhare was Soumitra's! This was a coconut milk based curry made with puree of monsoon vegetable Shevale and prawns

The sexy Bourbon Bundt Cake by Rhea,

the enticing Parsi Kesar Ravo by Katy's Kitchen

and Bimba Nayak's gorgeous Jelly Cake made of seaweed were the sweet ending to our story!


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