The Pathare Prabhu Anand Bazaar

It was time for the annual Pathare Prabhu Anand Bazaar and we just had to be there.It was at this event in 2012 that I was introduced to Pathare Prabhu cuisine.After that we have enjoyed it many times,always in homes.Pathare Prabhus are a close knit community,modern in their thinking but upholding all their traditions.Besanache Taat,made on Pithori Amavasya is one such fascinating concept where gram flour is used to make miniatures

We met up with Bimba Nayak who was the organizer of the Pathare Prabhu Mahila Samaj.Women in this community have tremendous respect,something to be emulated.The Bazaar had them displaying home products like dry-cleaning solutions for home,homemade snacks,jewelry and clothes.

There were many food stalls.....Pathare Prabhu food,Malvani food and more

Started off with a Pudina drink that won my heart!

Bimba Nayak had Stuffed Crabs (Puranache Chimbori)

Garlic based Prawns Khadkhadle which was astounding!

But the star was the Ghada....a Prawn Undhiyo made with 20 vegetables.This is a winter speciality made with prawn,ghol or mutton

Khalsa,the root vegetable shown above is a main ingredient and resembles a water chestnut in taste

Soumitra Velkar's tantalizing and neatly packed Prawn Pickle was sold out quickly as was his Gode Mutton,which I had two months ago

No matter how many times we have Pathare Prabhu food,we have something new.The PP Panchamrut by Jagruti Kothare was lip smacking! The masala to make it was on sale.This is very different from the usual Panchamrut (which has milk,ghee,curds and honey) thanks to the garam masala in it.The PP version is made during Shravan and PP weddings

There was a laptop presentation of the Kothare farms and we bought Aamras from their farm in Murbad.

The typical Maharashtrian dessert Kharvas was on sale too!

The two pictures below are of the Besanche Taat I mentioned before,made by Manju Malawade (wasn't on display at the Bazaar).Such is the artistic talent of Pathare Prabhus

The two pictures below are of miniatures made by Nanda Rane-Rodrigues.Incredibly beautiful!

Even though the younger generation has married out of their community,they continue to celebrate their culture.Exactly what this world needs today! The above picture is of Robert Rodrigues (Nanda's husband) in traditional attire gifted by his father in law :)

The Pathare Prabhu Foodies group had a mini-meet at the fest

Anand Bazaar had everyone happy!! Join us next time!!!

Here's a video on the function by Kalpana here.She has her own channel on Youtube and educates people on how to make Pathare Prabhu food


The knife said…
Thanks for telling us about the fest. Had a lovely time there
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks to Bimba! Glad you had a good time.
Gaurang said…
A wonderful experience for a Pathare Prabhu who was away from Mumbai for almost 2 decades. It's sort of a home coming for me and my family.
Sassy Fork said…
How wonderful Gaurang!

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