Christmas at the Yacht Club

This time we had a great time on Christmas eve.It seemed like the whole city was buzzing! We were invited by Uncle J to the Royal Bombay Yacht Club.He learnt sailing for the first time at the age of 70 and has introduced several others to it.I too sailed for the first time and loved every moment of it,the sun,the sea and the seagulls!

Uncle J is meticulous so he planned the evening much in advance,which was a good thing cos 200 people registered.The Yacht Club was shining with lights and looked splendid with the Xmas decorations.The music was amazing and I couldn't help nodding to it.Next time,will dance!

We started with the Seafood Mousse,deliciously light!

There was a Mezze Platter,veg and nonveg.I headed for the mains.....Stuffed Turkey with Cranberry Sauce, surprisingly tender and moist! My friends Pradeep and Chethana Rao felt this was the best turkey they had, and they have had it the world over.Pradeep writes the blog Intrepid Gourmand where he narrates his culinary adventures

There were Roast Vegetables,Spinach Canneloni and Railway Mutton Curry.Inspite of being a buffet,the food was outstanding.We were thrilled to meet Neel Dalal,Vice President of the Club,whose team is instrumental in maintaining the great quality of food.Mrs Bagchi,the F&B manager checked on every table

The best part was the sinful Christmas Pudding served with the even more sinful brandy sauce,custard and cream.Wish Christmas would come more often!

Sometime ago I wrote about the Yacht Club and you can read it here....


Looks like a wonderful way to eat on Christmas Eve. Love the windows and decor at the yacht club.

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