Mahim Koli Seafood Festival 2013

Rahul and Swati who introduced me to Koli festivals some years ago

Food is a family affair

                                           Squid in Green Masala

                                          Spectacular display

                                            Marathi TV and movie actor Sachin Khedekar

                                            North meets West...Tandoori Fish


                                              Prawn Satay

                                          Lobsters Galore

                                          Koli desserts....Karanji and Stuffed Bananas

                                            Mackeral Loncha


                                                All home chefs!!


                                             Lobsters,Mackerals and more...

                                          Gaboli (Fish Egg) Koshimbir

Went to the Mahim Koli Seafood Festival organized by Manase with my cousins Rahul and Swati.I have been to Koli festivals every year but this was the best one to date.Centrally located yet there was ample space,huge number of stalls and many,many happy smiling faces.I saw many people taking pictures to show their relatives and friends later :)
Kolis from all over Mumbai were there to display a wide variety of seafood including squid,crabs,lobsters and clams.The usual Shrimp Biryani,Rawas Curry,Pomfret Curry,Stuffed Squids where at most stalls.This time there were also Pan Asian dishes such as Prawn Chilly and Prawn Satay! 
What stood out  were the Gaboli or fish eggs....plump and fresh,just off the can see them in the last photo
I spotted my local fisherwoman and bought some bombil curry at her stall.She made me promise that every time I was at the market,I would come and say hello to her!
The crowd was phenomenal.There were tables all around to sit down at and eat.Some packed food for home but the fun of eating there is something else.Maharashtrians,Parsis,Bengalis,Punjabis....everyone was there! The fish was fresh and everyone knew it! Most dishes were Rs 150 a plate.Each stall has a whole lot of family members manning it.It feels like you are eating at someone's home.
We saw the new generation Kolis and they looked so modern
The invitees for the show included Salman Khan,Vivek Oberoi,Neena Kulkarni and Sachin Khedekar.We missed seeing Salman but spotted the rest.They looked really cute when they donned the Koli caps.We watched Koli dances and Lavani performances.Neena Kulkarni,well known  tv actress who lives in Mahim hoped that the festival was for a week next time.I'd echo that! All in all,it was a fun evening.We are waiting for the next....


BombayJules said…
Oh Sassy, so gutted I missed this! The photos look mouthwatering! Definitely going to go next year, looks like I missed a big photo-op too. Thanks for sharing.
Sassy Fork said…
You must go to the January end one in Versova...I have blogged earlier about other Koli look up
Let's go together for the January one Manisha. It's more fun going with foodie friends :)
sassy Fork said…
It always is! If we do,we must take Bombay Jules along.Missed you both at the Mahim festival this year

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