Chiplun 2013

I was back in Chiplun.Having been there several times before.This time on work.The town by the Vashishti river.We stayed a little away from the main town,in an area called Lote Parshuram which is an industrial area.You see factories everywhere.

After our work was done,we were taken to a small restaurant which was frequented by the locals.There we ate a chicken thali and lots of seafood.Particularly liked their speciality...a fish called Tokli...somewhere between a rawas and a surmai...delightful!
My vegetarian colleagues took the veg thali which had jackfruit bhaaji.The Sol Kadi was bright, tangy and uplifting.A very satisfying meal.

Chiplun is famous for the Parshuram Temple.Lord Parshuram is said to have created the Konkan by pushing back the sea with his arrow.


anaggh said…
Lovely. I have been meaning to visit Chiplun for years, but somehow have not managed. Hopefully this year
Sassy Fork said…
I have been several times before and each time I discover something new!
lovely place and foods...

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