Our Diwali Guest

This Diwali was extra special....one of the funniest food writers Simon Majumdar came to Mumbai.It was only after Kalyan and I became friends that we discovered that we both loved his book
 "Eat My Globe"....his real life story based on adventures all around the world in hole in the wall and fine dining places,in search of the best food.His mum always told him to go everywhere and eat everything...and he did!

Now Simon Majumdar is iconic in USA...judge of Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef.The former is a show based on a Japanese version where top chefs battle Iron Chefs like Morimoto  and Bobby Flay.The latter is a show wherein chefs compete to become the Iron Chef. Inspite of that he remains down to earth and unassuming.He has the most disarming smile but it's a rarity.Kalyan and Kainaz invited us over for a Bengali meal. Met Simon's vivacious wife Sybil..Was also introduced to Sue and Nathan Cope who knew more about Indian food than I did!

We talked of books worth reading,food from all over India,illnesses and what not.Simon spoke of how his dad would make eggs for breakfast in a pan used to cook Indian dishes and so he always presumed eggs had to look yellow (thanks to the haldi).He created quite a ruckus when his friend's mom served him "white eggs"

Fireworks in the neighborhood reminded us that it was Diwali...Laxmi Puja.I managed to get the perfect Diwali gift for my brother and his family...a copy of "Eat My Globe" signed by Simon!

Kalyan had made a lovely poppyseed dish called Alu Posto.

There was Dal,Prawn Malai Curry and Kosha Mansgsho.He had sweetly arranged for the fragrant Bengali lemon.....Gondhoraj Lebu which has strong scent of lemon but little juice.

   I have eaten his food before but that day,it was his best! After all,it's not everyday he gets to cook for Simon Majumdar! He went for a food walk to Bohri Mohalla with Sybil and him.Soon after he launched Finely Chopped Food Walks....to explore food from various cultures.On the agenda is a walk covering Parsi food and a fish market trip followed by cooking the Bengali way.Going by the response he got...he's going to be busy every weekend for a long,long time......


The knife said…
thank you for all the sweet things that you wrote Manisha...like you said, with such wonderful guests the cooking was indeed inspired...so glad that you liked it and that you could make it...Kalyan
R karmakar said…
Very nicely written. Posto looks really tempting. May be next time i shall try to read Simon's book.
Sassy Fork said…
@Kalyan Thanks for inviting me!
@RKarmakar Thank you....it was a lovely evening.Simon loved the post the best.You will enjoy his book!

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