Dosa Magic

Dosas are from the South Of India(pancakes made of mostly fermented ingredients) yet there is no place in India where you cannot find them,whether in the North,East or West.On my trip to USA,I found that dosas were popular there too, costing around 3 dollars!
The best dosas are made at home but it's an art as we saw recently on Master Chef India when contestants had to make Paper Dosas! The right tava,the right temperature and the right accessories all combine to make this Indian pancake spectacular!

I am lucky to know Mrs Suvarna who is a Maharashtrian married into a family from Mangalore, Karnataka.She made me Neer Talav or rice dosas.She soaked the rice early in the morning.Then ground it.
She poured the batter on a hot tava and then transferred it onto a straw cover

This prevented the dosas from sticking to the next one.

Finally she arranged it on a large dish which looked like it had a whole lot of lace napkins on it.

This morning I headed to Matunga for a quick breakfast.Came across an unusual Tuppa Dosa at Cafe Madras which was made of urad dal.It's the proportion of urad dal to rice that determines the crispness of the dosa.This one was inbetween a dosa and uttapam! Dunked this into a bowl of tangy sambhar with veggies and found it so fulfilling!

We also had Masala Dosa packed with Potato Bhaaji.I prefer my dosas crisp and brown.

and a Rava Dosa which was unfermented and crisp.Then followed some piping hot South Indian coffee!

My friends who have visited Chennai talk of Egg Dosas,others of Cucumber Dosa and Nachni Dosa from Matunga but my favorite is one made at home from Moong Dal! Heaven! Good to get kids to eat these instead of the junk that parades as "healthy food"


The knife said…
talking of pancakes, the first time I came across crepes they reminded me of dosas

I remember my mom ordering kheema dosas when I was a kid and we had gone to the Grand at Kolkata

I once got the Holiday Inn Breakfast guys make me ham and cheese dosa by borrowing stuff from the live egg counter

miss the availability of good dosas at Bandra
Sassy Fork said…
there is an Ethiopian dish called Anjira that resembles the dosa

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