CKP Food Fest 2016 at Thane

January is bursting with Maharashtrian food events.....this weekend,it's the CKP Food Fest organized by Sameer Gupte.CKPs or Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhus are said to be descendants of King Chandrasen and migrated to Maharashtra from Kashmir.They essentially held administrative posts under royalty and even today many important administrative jobs with the Govt and held by them.I was accompanied by Babso Kanwar who is a food historian penning a book on Kayastha cuisine.She had held interesting events like Food of the Mahabharata and Baniya Food in New Delhi.We also had Bimba Nayak,an ace Pathare Prabhu chef with us and Sameer Rane of Ixora Wines

Essentially nonvegetarian,CKPs do have notable vegetarian dishes too.Masoorachi Amti is Sameer Gupte's favorite! Always tells his mom,she should make made a little more :)

The other veg dish I spotted was the Wadicha Sambhar......veg dumplings in gravy

The event was very well organized with food courts to sit and enjoy

CKPs love the Pathare Prabhus.So there was Surmai (Kingfish) and prawns galore.

There was dry fish in form of Bombil Kurukuri which you could munch on like a snack.There was dry Bombil Chutney,spicy yet flavorful!

There was Chicken Biryani, Kheema Pattice and Hot Paya Soup

and beverages like Banana Colada and Kokum Chaas!!

While the Pathare Prabhus have the non vegetarian Ghada,here was a non vegetarian Undhiyo (without vegetables) by Yashodan Deshmukh of Chimbori Kadhaa who won the first prize at the fest,judged by CKP chefs Tushar Priti Deshmukh,Shantanu Gupte and Vivek Tamhane.

The Jithada is an uncommon fish which is found in paddy fields.The taste is unmatched by any fish I have had.It was available here.

Forgot about khichadi being convalescence food.Here it was with prawns!

Prawns Lipte is made with made with onions

There was Banana Flower Vegetable with Prawns....

and Stirfried Jawala or Tiny Shrimp.....

There were lovely soft rice bhakris!

and Kheema Dosas!!

Distinctive CKP sweets are available at Diwali time.....The Ninav ,which means nameless,is made of besan or gram flour and coconut milk and baked.

Yashodhan Deshmukh made a fusion dish called the Ninav Cheesecake and won the First Prize!

At another stall,we came across a Bebinca like delicious sweet dish called Khandvi! This was of coconut milk and ragi.

We met Mr Sule,a businessman who told us all about CKP history

Also met a young architect Devashree Lad who has designed the Maharashtrian restaurant Potoba at Mahim

Loved the Paithani purses at the fest!

and the ready to wear Navari (nine yard) Paithani sarees!!

The CKP Food Fest was full of discoveries for us.Babso spotted common dishes with Kayasthas from the North.The world really is closer than we think.Let's think of ways like this to keep our community cuisines alive!


Rasamadhuri said…
Great fest..nice people! Get tasty, delicious and mouth-watering CKP recipes.
All the "Kayastha Prabhus" will love this..

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