A Perfect Party For Women's Day

Went to the Perfect ParTea,a brainchild of Rushina Ghildiyal-Munshaw,a celebration of Women's Day,it being in its sixth year of existence.The venue was Craft Deli at the Phoenix Market City,Kurla and the place was packed to the gills.A Perfect Bite Cook Studio showed a video of their Culinary Legacy Series,an ongoing programme that has covered  traditional Irani,Kashmiri,Gujarati,Coorgi,Assamese,Bengali,Uttaranchali and Maharashtrian food uptil now.At each event,there is a talk,a demonstration of few dishes and then a meal at the end.What a lovely way to encourage harmony and share cultures between people.Kudos to Rushina for that!

What thoughtful mementoes Rushina designed for the participants of the Culinary Legacy Series!  Chef Ranveer Brar,who had launched the series last year, gave them away.

Then there was a cover release of Saee Koranne-Khandekar's book on Indian Breads where she read out paragraphs from her book.Saee has taught bread making at the APB Cook Studio and is also a foodblogger and an avid photographer.It's inspiring how she balances her family life and her work

Chef Paul Kinny demonstrated two healthy dishes....Quinoa and Cranberry Salad with greens from his herb garden and No Carb Spaghetti.Quinoa is a grain found in South America and used to be peasant food uptil recently.Now it is found in urban areas but is expensive.It is available in gourmet stores all over India.It is a rich source of protein and also provides calcium and phosphorus.It can be cooked like rice.For the salad,Chef Kinny soaked it in hot water and used it.

Then his team shredded zucchini and carrots into spaghetti using a spiralizer.This was tossed in olive oil and herbs.Lo behold! You had the zero carb spaghetti! Healthy and tasty! The right thing to demonstrate on Women's Day as most of the time,it is a woman who rules the kitchen at home and the future of the family's health lies in her hands! Way to go Chef!!

Chef Paul spoke of his love for nachni,bajra and other whole grains which he uses liberally in dishes as he loves the crunch.These ingredients provide the essential fibre to our diet!

The snacks served too were healthy.....Portobello Mushrooms on Crostini

Roasted Beetroot Burger

and Quinoa Chicken Strips!

Well known Chef and Chocolatier Varun Inamdar spoke of Chocolate and Wine Pairing.He has authored Celebrate Life,Food and Wine

Was thrilled to bump into Kiran Manral who I follow on Twitter and whose first book "The Reluctant Detective" had me ROFL! Happy to hear she has written five more books.Also met up with fellow food blogger Pushpa Moorjani who has written a book on Sindhi Cuisine.

It was a perfect Women's Day party!!  But there's no denying......men complement women and women complement men! 


Kiran Manral said…
Oh, it was lovely meeing you too! Thanks for the mention.

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